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The simple truth of it is that I have wanted to be a writer for far longer than i have wanted to be a photographer. There always struck me as being a certain timeless strength about the written word. How no matter how temporary the medium that carried it, the fact that it could be accepted as an idea and changed, forged by the mind of the reader and carried off into their lives implied a sense of the forever. It lived on, long after it had been read and churned over in the mind.

I think that is what, eventually, would draw me to photography. It took a very clever person to simply show me the passion that THEY had for photography and why, and suddenly i could apply their passion for photography to myself. I mean, if photography could be this much of a personal journey, then why was i denying it to myself? I picked up the only camera i had available to me at the time and i took a photo. And then another one. And since then, in 12 months, across 3 cameras…I have taken about 15000 photos.

Now then, it will be obvious from how much of my work is online that the vast majority of these photos were terrible. But that’s not the point. The point is that i saw something and i tried to capture it, or tell a story, or do something. And the remarkable thing to me was that in the year before that I would have called myself a storyteller and had  allowed 15000 possible chances to tell one pass me by.

And that is why i love photography. Because it allows me those opportuinities to tell a tale, or make a point or just enjoy what i see in front of me. I pay a lot more attention to the world now, and not the world at large. The world at small is a far more interesting place and the devil truly is in the details.

I hope, over the course of my life, i have the drive and the determination to make efforts to succeed at both writing and photography, but this blog will be an effort in neither. It’s a place to record a journey, for no one else’s benefit but my own. I am not so stupid as to keep all my thoughts private, so the public being able to see it is purely a selfish thing, feedback is always good. Or someone pointing out that i am being an idiot could never be a bad thing.

The last thing i will do, is say thank you. To the person who opened my eyes to the possibilities of a shutter closing and who showed me the beautiful simplicity of one quick click. This is for you.

It’s all for you.

– Aido


~ by altogetheraido on February 24, 2009.

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  1. awh, you guys! ❤

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